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What is the OTT Opportunity in the UK?

Over The Top (OTT) broadcasting is coming up in almost every conversation we are having with broadcasters of late and it is certainly an option worth pursuing. Earlier in the year we put this exact question to OTT expert Alan Musa, as part of our Unlocking the Potential of the UK Broadcast Market Webinar, and his response? "OTT is an exciting opportunity in the UK Market". An OTT or streaming channel can be a complimentary service to a traditional linear channel by way of a SVOD or AVOD app, or a niche or specialist channel on one of the many VOD services in the UK that are growing rapidly.

Watch the clip from the Unlocking the Potential of the UK Broadcast Market Webinar here.

There is a growing number of FAST (Free Advertising Supported Television) Channels and this is a great way for quality content that fits within a niche or specialist subject matter to be broadcast. Hand in hand with that it provides advertisers with an affinity with your audience a great route to market. Take for example the Samsung TV plus streaming platform is circa 5m viewers in the UK, not bad for a traditionally TV hardware company who has become a broadcasting platform pretty recently.

The streaming and on demand opportunities are key to the mix for all broadcasters, and with a multitude of options and factors to consider to find the best solution for your content and to enable you to best reach your audience. We've launched and are continuing to launch OTT channels for our clients so get in touch with MediaPaedia and we can talk you through this brave new world of broadcasting.


OTT - Over The Top - extending further than cable and analogue channels. Delivery of video content via the internet, more commonly known as streaming.

VOD - Video On Demand

AVOD - Advertising funded Video On Demand

SVOD - Subscription Video On Demand

FAST channels - Free Advertising Supported Television


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