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Happy Birthday MPB!

Today is MediaPaedia Broadcast's 5th birthday! Since we launched the team has grown substantially and we now have 12 staff and manage 6 TV channels, broadcasting across Europe! We manage hundreds of hours of content a month, edit and create on air promos, acquire content on behalf of channels, manage subtitling and language variations (into 9 different languages) and run social media and websites for several of our clients.

When we started MPB, it was just Aaron Chamberlain, myself and Simon Dore. With Simon's sad illness we have had our downs as well and ups and we continue to support him and wish him and his family all the best.

In January MPB took over the management of the Extreme channels, which broadcast into Poland and a Pan-European feed. It was a very challenging launch, due to the complexities of the channels, the multiple languages and some of the legacy systems in place but the re-launch went well, due to a combination of extremely hard work and a dedicated team. We continue to run the day-to-day operations of the two channels, including all media prep and handling, and are excited to see how they will grow over the coming months and years.

Our latest project is the launch of CCX TV, for Ideal Shopping Direct. Expanding from traditional TV shopping, into running a dedicated entertainment channel on Freeview, CCX TV has been a brilliant project for MPB. Not only are we running the channel operations but we have also acquired all the content for the channel, working with our old friend Andrew Burns, created all the branding (working with the brilliant Andy Wright from Bella & George). CCX is the new home of entertainment on Freeview and sees the return of 'The Bold & The Beautiful" to UK televisions for the first time in 10 years. CCX TV launches tomorrow, 15th April 2020.

I want to thank our brilliant team for managing a full channel launch during the coronavirus lockdown and for working so well from home to keep all of our clients channels on air during this unprecedented time. I hope you will join me in a celebratory glass of something and raise your glasses to the unsung heroes of the broadcast industry, keeping the country entertained!

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