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Over the past few years MPB's subtitling department has grown substantially and this now represents a large part of our service offering.  Many people, not just those who are hard of hearing, use subtitles regularly whilst watching television so, whether you are a content or rights owner or an advertiser, make your content more accessible and easier to view by adding subtitles.

Every year we provide subtitles for hundreds of hours of television content, feature films and adverts, for a wide range of clients. 


We have a suite of different subtitling software and can provide:

  • Traditional sidecar subtitles in a range of file types including STL, SRT, WebVTT and more

  • Open subtitles over content for online use

  • Closed subtitles built into a video file

  • Teletext subtitles for UK broadcast advertising

We have a dedicated and experienced team of subtitlers working at MPB and can help you, whatever the size of your project.  Head over to the 'Contact' page to get in touch and see how we can help...

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