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Unlocking the potential of the UK broadcast market.

Having launched a number of TV channels in the UK for international broadcasters, we’ve recently been reflecting on how US broadcasters, in particular, should be viewing the UK as an opportunity to obtain more eyeballs. Granted, the UK market does operate differently, but with a partner on the ground, it can be treated as an easy affiliate: one that delivers a whole country and 25 million TV households.

We decided a great way to explore this would be a webinar with a panel of UK broadcast specialists and Kerry Oslund from E.W.Scripps Company to explore their UK launch of Court TV last year as a case study. Setting out to ask “Is it easy to launch a channel in the UK” we explored the basics in terms of the licenses, top level regulations and the platforms available. From there we took a deep dive with the panellists into the opportunities the UK market provides, including traditional linear television, advertising and OTT. Kerry shared Court TV’s journey to launch across three platforms; Sky, Freesat and Freeview with OTT due to launch soon.

Watch the recording below to understand the ease with which to expand your current audience reach and harness the fantastic opportunities the UK could represent for your channel.

Please get in contact if you have any questions or want to explore what the UK could mean for your content, channel or network.


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