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MPB: Content Prep & Subtitling Services

Today, MPB officially adds subtitling to its list of content prep services. Whilst there has been a growth in the number of 'AI' systems, that use software to automatically create subtitles, we believe that the technology is still not good enough to replace the old-fashioned manual method, for accuracy and timing of subtitles. Variations in accent, clarity and timing of speech and background noise mean that as much time is spent fixing AI created subtitles as is saved using the software. MPB is building a department of in-house subtitles, supported by a network of freelancers, meaning that we can offer subtitling at a competitive rate to our broadcast clients. In addition to creating subtitles from scratch, for new content, MPB can also QC, re-time, restructure and reformat existing subtitles for broadcast from existing closed caption or subtitle files.

Subtitling in action

Subtitling is an addition to the existing suite of content preperation and management services that MPB already offers. We provide both technical and editorial compliance - checking that your shows are ready for broadcast according to local rules and regulations, and have recently picked up a major new client as their exclusive compliance provider. With extensive experience in compliance over 20+ years, our team can also make the relevant edits to shows, in-house, and transcode them in to the format required by your playout facility. Additionally MPB offers break parting, metadata management, VOD delivery and reformatting, transcoding and editing.

Ensuring your content is technically and editorially correct is incredibly important, especially with the increase in delivery methods so get in touch and find out what MPB can do for you. Contact

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