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Content Management

Content is the key driver of any broadcast services and the team at MPB can assist you in establishing the right workflows to make your business run as effectively as possible:

Content segmentation & break parting

Many of our clients receive their content as single assets that require break parting or segmenting, in order for them to be included on their output.  Our team can receive the raw files, or remotely access your playout facility to identify the correct locations for advert breaks from  a creative, technical and regulatory standpoint.

Technical QC & transcoding

It is important, to ensure the stability of the broadcast chain and the ultimate viewer experience, that content is technically compliant with the requirements of the playout centre, uplink providers and platform.  We can receive content in any format from your content providers, ensure that it is technically compliant according to the requirements of the broadcast chain and transcode to the required format, if required.

Editorial QC & compliance

Compliance with local regulations is an extremely important part of any content management operation, in order to ensure that the final broadcast is not going to get you into any hot water!  Our team has extensive knowledge of the UK's regulatory regime and as such can advise on any compliance issues that may arise with your content and how to avoid breaching the guidelines.

Metadata management

It is key to the ongoing operation of any content delivery business that an accurate and well-maintained database of metadata, associated with content, is established and updated regularly.  We can work with your content providers to receive, manage and pass on all of the metadata relevant to the content.  We have an excellent relationship with Phoenix 7, whose scheduling software, Zeus, we use to manage most of our editorial channels.  This software allows us to keep all metadata safely in one place, backed up regularly, as a central repository for all your data needs.


MPB now also offers a subtitling service, creating subtitles for your content.  We have an experienced subtitling team and use industry leading software, to create accurate subtitles, timed effectively to the content.  We can turn new shows around quickly, or reformat and QC existing subtitles into whichever format you require.

Reformatting & editing

Sometimes content needs to be tweaked, reformatted and edited, whether it is to remove contentious content or simply adjust the length of the show to fit into the schedule.  MPB has experienced editors and edit suites that can be used to make changes to content as required by our clients.

Promo creation

Over the past twelve months, MPB has extended its offering to include the creation of on-air promotions for channels.  Our experienced editor can make full promos or simply adjust end-boards on existing content to match new requirements.  Several of our clients are already taking advantage of this creative service.

Airtime Sales

Some channels need to increase their revenues by selling long-form airtime to third parties.  Over the years MPB staff have had a great deal of experience in the TV shopping market and we can use these relationships to sell airtime on our managed channels as a revenue generation tool.  We know all of the major players in the UK TV Shopping market and one of our clients is a dedicated shopping channel so we can get the best rates for your time.

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