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Lockdown launches!

Despite everything else happening in the world, it has been an incredibly busy year for the team at MPB, having launched/relaunched 6 channels already in 2020.

January saw us taking over the European operations of the ‘Extreme’ channels – 3 feeds broadcasting to dozens of countries 11 different languages. MPB manages all of the media workflows, from compliance, through translation and subtitling to delivering all TX ready content and scheduling the channels. The re-launch was a really tough one, simply due to the complexity of the content and some of the legacy workflows of the channels. We continue to support Extreme as they look to expand further, into Russia and beyond.

In April, we launch CCX TV on the Freeview platform. MPB manages the content workflows, promo creation, social and scheduling of the channel, which carries content from ‘Men Behaving Badly’ to ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’, back in the UK for the first time in 10 years! In June we launched a new channel for our client, Virgin, (for whom we already run Virgin Media UHD) dedicated to keeping people fit and healthy during lockdown.

Our latest channel launch was just a few weeks ago: We have helped bring Court TV to the UK, on behalf of Scripps. Court TV shows live courtroom footage from across the US and MPB is responsible for localisation, using SCTE trigers for break insertion, presentation scheduling, EPG delivery and social media management. The channel has its first live court case on this week and it is not for the faint hearted! We will continue to strive to make the channel a great success in the UK, as it is in the US.

Each channel we have launched this year has had its own challenges, whether it is multiple language variations or synchronising schedules with a native US broadcaster, using break triggers. The ever-growing MPB team always rises to the challenge and we’d love to know how we can help you with your channels. Get in touch to arrange a call or a socially distanced meeting.

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