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MPB is operated by experienced broadcast professionals and offers a range of consultancy services to clients.  Recent projects include the complete restructuring of a national broadcaster in Greece; project managing the launch of a range of local TV channels; advising start ups on strategy and working with a broadcaster to explore and understand the expanding world of OTT and VOD options in order to select the most commercially advantageous approach.  We have a network of associates that cover all aspects of broadcast, from security and DRM specialists to network architects and even web designers.

Channel launch specialists

Between them, the staff at MPB, have launched dozens of TV channels, ranging from small, niche, broadcasters to entire broadcast platforms.  We have a wealth of experience in setting up new channels and can help the owners with everything from content strategy to the negotiation of carriage and from acquiring an EPG position to establishing an ad-sales process.  Speak to us to find out how we can make your launch run smoothly.

Ofcom license applications

The first thing every new broadcast in the UK needs to do is apply for a broadcast license from the government.  As with any bureaucratic procedure, this process can catch a lot of people out, resulting in delays to the launch or, in the worst case, a failure to be granted a license.  By getting MPB to help you in this process, your channel is more likely to be granted a license and we can help clear the muddy waters and manage this process on your behalf.

Operational and technical strategy

Having worked on such a wide range of channels, MPB can advise you on the most effective operational and technical strategies for your business.  This could be reviewing and recommending routes to market or advising on the most suitable and cost effective technical solution to manage your project.  We have run our own channels so we know what is important and can separate this from the extraneous noise.

Platform and provider negotiation

There are numerous providers, within the broadcast chain, that a new channel can consider when launching a new service. You need satellite capacity, playout and uplink providers and also to consider which of the UK platforms to be on. MPB is platform and provider agnostic so we can help advise you on the best technical solutions for your business and negotiate with the providers to get you the best possible deal.  MPB currently works with channels broadcasting from all of the major UK providers so we know the right people to talk to and can help even the most technically challenged people understand the complicated processes.

Project management

MPB can help with project management of any new projects that your broadcast business has.  We have managed new studio builds; the launch of second screen play-along applications; broadcast platform launches; format analysis and much more.  Our wide range of consultants and associates mean that we can always find the right person for the job.

Commercial strategy

MPB's Chief Executive, Chris Parsons, has worked many times on commercial strategies of businesses.  We can help you with identifying new revenue channels, business modelling for new and existing businesses, analysis of current commercial operations to maximise income, change control and have advised on company purchases, sales and mergers. 

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