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MediaPaedia Broadcast helps launch Extreme+ on OTT and VoD

Expanding visibility of channel on digital platforms in Asia and North America

MediaPaedia Broadcast, the channel operations specialist, who help broadcasters launch, run and monetise their TV channels effectively, has launched the Extreme Sports Channel with multiple OTT and VoD operators, branded as ‘Extreme+’. These launches have enabled the channel to reach new audiences in Asia with Rad TV and North America with Plex, amongst others.

MediaPaedia Broadcast manages the content, rights and scheduling of the services, originating the feed and managing content transfer, in the specific formats required by the platforms and the addition of metadata and scheduling to enable it to be broadcast and monetised.

Chris Parsons, Chief Executive of MediaPaedia Broadcast, says, “having personally launched over twenty-five traditional linear channels and dozens more with my business partner Aaron Chamberlain, it is really rewarding to now add OTT to our growing service portfolio. The Extreme Sports Channel has been looking to expand into the digital space to complement their existing broadcast feed, as well as to expand into different territories. These new launches allow them to access new audiences in different territories. We are looking forward to offering this new workflow to existing and potential customers.”

Doug Lee, Chief Operating Officer, Extreme Channel Ltd says “MediaPaedia Broadcast has done a fantastic job in getting our OTT and VoD services launched so quickly and efficiently. We know that our broadcast channels are in safe hands with them and we now have digital channels to add to the stable. We are thrilled about these launches and hope to be adding more platforms soon.

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