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MPB Broadcast & Media Consultancy

Did you know that, in addition to managing linear broadcast operations, TV channel and OTT launches, promo production, compliance editing and social media management; that MPB also offers a range of consultancy services?

Over the past few years our consultancy projects have included: due-diligence for the purchases of broadcast businesses, strategic advice on the integration of broadcast and online technologies for live interactive TV shows; the development of new and innovative playout solutions; website and application development; commercial and operational advice on a new African TV company and the complete restructure of a terrestrial broadcaster in Europe.

MPB has a range of consultants that it can call on, to fit any project from deeply technical to commercial and strategic. Our expertise covers:

  • Change control

  • Technical review of business

  • App and website launch management

  • Content distribution strategy

  • Social Media strategy

  • SVOD and OTT expertise

  • Technical delivery projects

  • Operational business review

  • Investment ‘deep dive’ into business

  • Technical Project Management

  • Workflow and system review

  • Digital strategy

  • TV Channel launches

  • Systems integration

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us then please get in touch. We are confident that we MPB can help move your business forward.

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