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MPB helps launch a new type of playout

MPB is pleased to be able to announce its involvement in the successful relaunch of a TV shopping channel, using the innovative new dynamic playout system from RTAd Limited. MPB has been working with RTAd, the real-time advertising specialist, for several years and has been pivotal in the development of its Adgile suite of products. These products offer a range of real-time, dynamic content-creation solutions for advertisers and broadcasters alike. Adgile Play is RTAd’s bespoke playout solution, which links traditional video playback with frame accurate graphics rendering to create a truly versatile fully redundant 24/7 playout solution for infomercial TV shopping businesses.

The multi-channel retail business, JML, has adopted Adgile Play as its playout solution and the system launched successfully on the 1st July. Adgile Play allows the user to amend schedules and content information via a secure web portal; they can add time specific special offers, sales, free postage and much more with just a few mouse clicks. MPB’s Chris Parsons project managed the deployment of the system, identifying all of the client specific requirements, creating a functional specification and working with RTAd’s development team throughout the launch process. He continues to support both the client and the team in a supervisory role.

If you want to find out more about Adgile Play, or any other RTAd products, then please get in touch.

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